Brake Repair, Winston-Salem, NC

We’ll give you confidence that you can drive safely going down the road.

One of the most important systems on your vehicle is your braking system. It’s what allows you to control the way you stop and start and acts as an important safety mechanism. As such, your brake system is one that should be checked often by a qualified car mechanic who can provide necessary repairs as needed.

At Forsyth Auto Care, we offer many auto repair solutions for our customers in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, including brake repair of all shapes and sizes. Whether your brake pads are squealing and squawking or you’ve noticed a clattering noise as you go down the road, you will find us prepared to diagnose and repair your brakes for a safer, more efficient ride.

While changing the brake pads is one of the most common brake repair services for drivers, it isn’t the only thing that may be needed to keep your brakes in great shape. For example, your car mechanic might also check the rotors, wheels, and suspension to make sure your vehicle is set up for success. It’s important to us to not only find the root cause of your brake problems, but to also give you confidence that you can drive safely going down the road.

When you choose Forsyth Auto Care for brake repair or any other vehicle tune-up needs, you’ll quickly see that we treat you like part of the family. We’re on a first-name basis with many of our customers, and we want you to feel right at home, no matter the reason you need to bring your car in for servicing.

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